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 Bombob5050's introduction.

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Website owner
Website owner

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PostSubject: Bombob5050's introduction.    Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:01 am

I am Bombob5050/Generic_Gernade. I am the owner and creator of this website. I work for the Sever Crew, which is runned by Alexhodges22. He is the owner of DwarfCraft! I help out with events, website related stuff, coding, mods/plugins, and so much more! If i am on you will find a random building close to you, and a path leading to it! That will mean you are chosen to take place in one of my boss battle events. Their will be others that guide you, battle you, or challenge you to a puzzle! One of our most common of all of the people who are in the events, is Herobrine! He leads the war against his alter ego Darkness, I am his general. Hidden, a peaceful faction is my clan. I gave custody of it to a good friend of mine and another one of Herobrine's generals, Stephen. So be on the lookout for events, presents, and guides. You just might be in for a surprise ;3!
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Bombob5050's introduction.
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